...Kazim, thank you for introducing us to Sami who was such a splendid guide for the first part of our tour, so knowledgeable, and caring, a great help to me on the tricky parts of the climb around Pergamum and Priene. John and I actually been wondering what it would cost to have him and a driver for the day in Istanbul,although we probably won't have time to do another tour.


Sami is very correct and wanted us to ask you for his email address. We'd like to have it so we can send him some photos when we get back. Also in case he comes paragliding across to Australia some day!


We're now ready for a fine day out with Yasin. It's a pity that Aspendos is closed. I wonder if we can talk a guard to let us have a peep.


All the best from John and Jill