Hi Kazim - First of all, thank you so much for stepping in last Wednesday morning in Istanbul to present the excellent, stimulating and informative lecture about the urban development of that city. The scheduled professor could not have been better.

You know better than anyone that no matter how carefully planned and organized any tour is, its ultimate success depends significantly on the leadership qualities of the guide, and in this respect the participants in the recent Road Scholar program in Turkey were exceptionally fortunate in having Yesim Cozeli as our leader. In her evaluation I commented on her extensive knowledge of the history and culture of Turkey and her ability to communicate this information, but equally impressive was her knowledge of the crowd situations at each site and her ability to amend the schedule of visits to various locations to ensure that the Road Scholar group was at each one at the most optimal time. She was always available to answer questions or offer suggestions to each of the group members and was unfailingly warm, courteous and kind--one of the finest guides I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years.

Many thanks to Yesim, you and Baltac Tours or a memorable stay in Turkey. Best regards. Judy D.