Dear Kazim: Please accept my personal thanks for a most enjoyable trip to your country (Elderhostel #12828RA 26 September to 12 October 2007). You are most fortunate to have excellent people such as Mehmet Çabuk and Enver our driver associated with your organization. They made a great team and helped us in every way. Mehmet is the finest guide I have ever met. He is ever the student, always refreshing his memory for the next stop. His intellectual grasp of the entire country present and past, was and is astounding. As we say here, he is on top of his game. No problem is too big because there is never a problem. He doesn't have to scramble for new solutions to problems that pop up because each discrepancy has already been faced in the past. If A doesn't work, then he moves to B, then to C, and so on. I can't say enough good things about his leadership and graciousness. And I am sure that behind the scenes, you and your office staff were working the magic show in real time as well. My best regards,