Hi Kazim, We are home safe and sound and full of wonderful experiences from our travels. Thank you for helping us figure out the Turkey leg of our adventure. All your suggestions were great, and we enjoyed seeing a new part of your wonderful country. We may have even sent you some business...we met a guy on our Balloon ride who is a serious "biker", and gave him all your contact info. I am quite sure you will hear from him. Your friend in Konya, Uzeyir Ozyurt, was very interesting and we spent quite a bit of time with him. He gave us a little tour of his teaching center as well as quite an introduction to Sufi practices and philosophy. What a lively man, how do you know him? Even the bus ride was much better than we would have imagined. We each had 2 seats so we actually got some sleep...not like the train of course. It was lovely to have a little time with you in Istanbul, and it would be nice to see you in California if and when you return. You are always welcome here, we usually have extra room, so just let us know. So either Turkey or California, I am sure we will meet again. Until then our best to you, Linda and Perry