Hi Kazim: Well we are sitting in the lounge in Munich just smiling as we wait for our final flight back to Montreal. We can't put into words at this point how great a trip it was. It was an amazing hike around the country -the operative work being hike! With the exception of airport lounges, mosque, hamam and temple floors we discovered there is not much level in this country. The Elkep Evi Inn in Cappadoc─▒a had 68 steps between our room and the restaurant! The good news is that I think both of us have lost weight or at least changed shape. It is a wonderful country so rich in history and filled with kind, kind people. Istanbul is a city that defies dichotomies. Its wonder is in convergence of differences. East meets west-the truly ancient world meets the 21st century- traditional cultural norms meet modern ones - religion meets with the secular - democracy meets autocracy - water meets land - up meets down! There is no doubt that Anatolia has captured our imagination and has had a direct effect on how we see ourselves and the world. What more could you ask from an adventure! We love Turkey and plan to return next year. You will be one of the first we contact! Thanks again for the big part you played in this adventure. Sincerely, Lyn and Dennis.