Reyan Tuvi was born in 1967. She studied English language and literature at Bogazici University and has her master’s degree on documentary production from a university in England. She started working as a licenced tour guide in 1989. Her specialty is Istanbul on which she has a certificate of specialization. She also directs and produces TV documentaries. She won the ‘Best First Documentary Golden Orange Award’ at Golden Orange Film Festival in Antalya (equivalent of the Oscars in Turkey).  She is also interested in hiking, professional photograpy and dance.  ‘’Not only do I like to surprise people but also to provide a good travel experience for them. I also like guiding as it is a way for me to represent my country and eradicate the prejudices upon it’’ she says.


She has been working for Road Scholar since 2008. She likes being a group leader for Road Scholar as the programs fit like a glove to her concept of cultural programs which she can define as sharing the history, culture, food and recent events of the country in depth, strengthened by lectures of experts in related fields.