Sami was born in 1968 and has graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Department of English Literature.  He has been working for Baltac since Sept, 1998.  Here what he says:  I am very happy being with Baltac/Road Scholar for so many years. I have given our guests so much of information about my country and my people throughout this period of time but on the other hand I have to underline the unlimited amount of knowledge and experiences that I have been obtaining from them for so long. I am pretty sure, that this is the best part of my job, to share the knowledge and experiences as much as you can. Intensive history of Turkey and my deep love to my country does make me enjoy what I am doing and getting know all these people from all around the world is definetely most enjoyable part of guiding.

Cappadocia is the most favourite part of Turkey for sure as this region does not seem to really belong to our world, it is a fragment of another planet.

Cuba and Peru are definetely on my list of places to travel. I have been in so many countries so far such as USA, Australia, England and some countries in Europa and Middle East.

Travelling, reading and football are three greatest hobbies of mine. I played for so many years and now acting as a referee since last three years for amateur games in Istanbul.