Yasemin Akhun was born in 1976. She studied to become a guide at Aegean University.  She started working as a licenced guide in 1998. Her specialties are archeological and cultural tours. She is interested in Turkish classical music, tasting and cooking food of different cultures. She also loves travelling to different places to learn about their culture.  ‘’Word of mouth is possibly the best tool to advertise your country. It also makes me very proud to represent my country on an international platform.  It is very fulfilling to see people leave Turkey after having learned a lot and it makes very happy to hear them say they will come back. Seeing people gradually becoming good friends with each other and myself is the best part of being a guide’’ she says.


She has been working for Road Scholar since 1998. She likes being a group leader for Road Scholar groups as it always creates challenges for her to be a better leader because she needs to handle with every kind of situation that might emerge.  She also states that the reputation of Baltac Tourism and Road Scholar ensures high quality services for every element of the program which in turn creates an advantage of being a tour leader for these programs.